Why Mothers Make Better Business women

Men and women have equal rights in Modern society. There was a time, when within some societies or regions, people use to think that women had only responsibility of taking care of domestic matters, but the time has changed now and awareness in society accelerated. The world has understood the truth, that should have been understood a long time ago, that women have the right to contribute equally in the every single  aspect of  society.

 I took this decision to start my own enterprise when I became the mother of a child. And soon I realize that there is no as such difference between managing a business, it’s more likely I’m taking care of my family. It in fact helped me a lot when I started taking care of family stuff like I did my business.  I started creating visions and mission statements, settled my goal and strategized everything just like my business. We started some team building activities, on a larger scale, business helped me out a lot for being a better mum.

Though sometimes I put my motherhood ahead in circumstances and take less care about business matters,  it’s all just a part of growing. I have met some women who put this terrific idea back of being businesswomen because they are afraid that if they do so, they could not keep it in balance and will be missing a chance of being good parents. I put my family first, in order to keep thing in balance but it doesn’t mean that it affects business. There is a great author Julie Kirk who wrote a book called The ParentPrenuer Edge, a thorough guidance about establishing a successful business. The book provides far valid reasons of how being mother makes for a good businesswoman.

Here are some tips to get you going.

Develop a Strategy.

As you planned for the arrival of your child, you need to make a plan for giving a birth to your enterprise.

Start saving your money.

As a wise woman said, it takes money to make money, it means you will be needing money to invest in order to start a business. So, spend wisely and start saving money to give a head start to your business.

Invest in the category of business you know about.

The probability of succession of a business increases when you work within the scope of industry you already know about.

Take Help. People will help you if you ask them. Find a suitable source to seek help. You can go online ask for advises or ideas.

Involve your kids.  

Don’t hide business matters from your children where possible, it will help them to learn. You can involve them for labelling or packing boxes or for entering data.

So, If you want to be a successful businesswomen and a mother at the same time or on the whole, “mompreneur”, Start pursuing you passion, follow your own heart . You will find your way towards