Top Five Healthcare Jobs for Women

The healthcare industry is among the few major sectors that are still hiring at a decent rate in spite of the economic slowdown. The medical sector is known to pay handsomely and is considered a respectable profession for women. Healthcare jobs are likely to grow by about 22% by 2018, accounting for 3.2 million new positions. The anticipated growth of the field will create work faster than any other sector. But which are the best profiles to aim for? The following article will discuss about the best five healthcare careers for women. At present, women constitute a huge chunk of the healthcare workforces.

For complete job satisfaction, a woman must choose a career path based on her ambitions and personal situations. There are certain careers that are successful in fulfilling a woman’s expectations from her career. A medical profession is one such example where women can learn and prosper. Even though it all boils down to your capabilities and what the employer is willing to provide, the healthcare careers mentioned below will typically offer career advancement, flexibility and decent pay packages.

Women's Health

It is common for female patients to request for women healthcare professionals due to the higher comfort levels. And so any profile entailing women's well-being is a good job option for women medical professionals. The job profiles in this segment can include an Ob/Gyn physician, a Labor and Delivery nurse, a nurse-midwife, doula or a Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner in Ob/Gyn.

Work-from-home Healthcare Jobs

Many women professionals often take care of childcare responsibilities along with household work in addition to their careers. Work-from-home healthcare jobs are a decent option for those willing to spend more time away from clinics and labs. Such flexible careers will majorly entail lots of telephone and computer time. For such flexibility, you can consider jobs like healthcare recruiting and medical transcription.

Pharmaceutical Sales and Drug Representatives

Pharmaceutical sales representative are salespeople hired by pharmaceutical companies to convince doctors to recommend their drugs to patients. The sales persons deliver samples, offer product information and provide answers on product use. Many jobs in the pharmaceutical sales offer exceptional benefits and flexibility in the work schedule. Some employers may allow job-sharing so that you can work on part-time basis. Many pharmaceutical companies are known to offer a positive work environment and career advancement opportunities to women.


Among all healthcare jobs for women, nursing is the most popular. Nursing provides women with a variety of options – from office based care and hospital work to non-clinical roles like consulting, nursing remains a good choice for females who wish to work in the field of medicine. Nursing provides a career option for all – from professionals with associate's degrees to doctoral level degrees. Also, most nursing jobs have shift-based schedules, offering greater flexibility to maintain work-life balance.


Women have managed to successfully outdo men in medical school admissions. But there is a reason behind why so many girls want to become physicians. Women have the potential to excel in the core studies necessary for a career in medicine and also possess soft skills that are extremely useful while dealing with patients and their loved ones. Women play the role of physicians rather well as other than the specific knowledge and skill, they are nurturing and have proper communication skills and empathy.

However, some physician careers can be highly demanding and may require you to devote longer work hours. For instance, a trauma surgeon needs to remain on call at all times, including wee hours of the night. This may affect work-life balance if you have children and no help back at home. But in other cases, some physician jobs may even offer a better quality of life. For instance, a dermatologist is lucky enough to work set hours and may not work during late night hours or the weekends. An added advantage of women pursuing physician careers is that in most private-practice opportunities, women can earn as much as their male equivalents. Often, female physicians in OB/Gyn earn much more than men. One of the reasons for this may be the higher demand for women physicians by the female patients.