Easy Tips for Building your Startup Mommy Blog into a Popular Business

If you are a mom blogger or manages/writes for any other personal blog, then these tips will definitely help you know more on how to increase talks and comments on your blog and facebook pages. Let's get started:

1. Write and Post New Content Regularly

Ramon Ray, (an online marketing guru and the founder of SmallBizTechnology) gave an interview on engaging customers online and said something that was quite interesting “Content is the King but engagement is the Queen.” Underling the importance of intertwining both concepts to bring forth a formidable business empire. So, keep your blog and facebook pages updated with fresh and unique content regularly. You don’t have to write every day, but it should be regular and consistent. This can turn readers into loyal followers

2. Socialize and Interact with Other Mom Bloggers

Socializing is the Key! According to an online HTML 5 chat platform - "It is important for business owners to engage with customers to develop and maintain long lasting relationships." Get connected with other community bloggers and Mom's Networks like Social Moms,  BlogHer etc. Participate and interact with other members. I belong to “You Follow Me, I Follow You” type of groups.

3. Keep Yourself Updated with Latest Online Tools

Internet and media is really changing fast! Make sure to read and follow other websites in your blog niche. Create your business profile on all the available social networks.

4. Offer your visitors something Unique

You need to make your blog stand out to your visitors and this can be achieved by offering something unique such as:

- a daily new tip displayed on the top/side of your webpage
- publish product reviews
- have contests and giveaways to increase the number of fans
- Have polls on your site, Polls are popular and popular means more traffic.
- Installing a chat room on your blog and facebook pages is another good idea
- Keep improving your blog by regularly editing your posts and Using a fresh design
- Use images and videos in your posts

Good Luck! Please do let me know what do you think of these tips? I hope that some of these blogging tips help you on your journey to become a better, popular mom blogger!