Where Can Certified Nurse Assistants Work

In the past decade, the importance of certified nurse assistants has been in a spike with the rise of chronic conditions. Even though the CNAs cannot work without the proper supervision from a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN), the vital role that is played by the CNAs cannot be downplayed. With more and more people looking to get their certification to get into this equally lucrative and prestigious job, there are worries that in no matter of time, the hospitals could be flooded and unable to take in more applicants. If you're already applying to become a CNA, here are a few tips to help you out. But the good news is that the services of a CNA are not limited to the hospitals. Here are other places that the CNA can offer his or her services.


Nursing homes.

These are the primary employers of Certified Nurse Assistants. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor statistics, over 50% of the CNAs are employed by the nursing homes as the primary care givers where they are tasked with taking care of the old in the long-term. Because of their diverse duties, they are highly favored in this field hence the high employment rate.

Home Health Agencies.

There are a variety of home health agencies that work to care for the old, disabled and sick at their homes. These people also require the services of the Certified Nurse Assistants and they come in handy to make sure that the client is not only comfortable but because of their medical training even though limited, they are able to cater to minor medial needs of the patients from their home like turning them in their bed administering prescriptions among others.

Assisted living facilities.

Another working opportunity for the CNAs is at an assisted living facility or a community day care. It is a place where patients who do not need round the clock care are taken for the better part of the day where they can be cared for while their primary care givers are busy with work or other commitments.


The last and most obvious place that a CNA can work at is a hospital and this has been rated the second biggest employer of Certified Nurse Assistant. While here, their duties are virtually limitless and can include dressing the sick, bathing, feeding making beds, bowel and care of the bladder and even helping the patients walk. Keep in mind that these same duties apply in all the other places of employment but can differ depending on the ability of the patient.

While there are a lot of set ups that a CNA can fit in, it is worth noting that federal and state law is very clear that at any given time, the CNA should work under the supervision of a an RN or LPN hence to avoid any legal problems, employers and even the CNAs should make sure that they observe this wherever they are employed.