Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) - Causes to blame for PMS, symptoms and treatment

Women who have pre-menstrual syndrome are biologically not different from those who don't. It is the environmental factors which are largely responsible for it.

Pre Menstrual Syndrome PMS Article

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For decades hormones have been blamed fro the monthy female ordeal of PMS. Now it seems that men are just as much to blame. Scientists believe all women suffer the bodily chnages that cause the mood swings, lethargy and pain of premenstrual syndrome. But some handle it better than others - thanks to the men in their lives.

Men also to blame for Pre Menstrual Syndrome PMS

Caring partner can help you ease the symptoms, but unsympathetic men make matters worse. Lack of compassion can lead to women becoming angry and argumentative or withdrawn and depressed in the days before their period.Sometimes women seek professional help from a therapist with a degree for counseling Women who get the symptoms are biologically no different from women who don't.. What actually causes the symptoms is a combination of factors - what's happening in your body and what's happening in the environment.

Men certainly play a significant role in Pre Menstrual Syndrome PMS and can play a very major role in women's depression and anger at that time of teh cycles.

Similarily, the pressure of juggling work and family life can also lead to women snapping in the days before their period.

Also around 80% of british women suffer from PMS, experiencing symptoms such as tiredness, irritability and cravings for sugary foods.