Approach to Fertility Treatments

Millions of couples have problems conceiving a baby. The reasons for the difficulties are pretty evenly split between problems with the female, problems with the male, genetics, and other factors, both known and unknown.

No matter what the cause, the inability to conceive is a constant source of heartache, frustration, and dashed hopes for anyone who wishes to have a child. In addition to medical treatments, the process is often fraught with psychological anxiety for both partners.

Finding the reasons for infertility and learning what your options are is not a task for the faint-hearted. The entire process can be long and arduous, particularly for the woman. For example, if the problem is due to Endometriosis, surgery is needed to remove the tissue that has grown outside of the uterus. Although surgery and resulting pregnancy have a high success rate, it is surgery nonetheless. 

If a couple elects to try in-vitro fertilization (IVF), it is the woman who bears the brunt of the procedure. The least invasive fertility procedure is the prescribed use of fertility drugs, but even that could be considered invasive to the female.

The assorted options and procedures are daunting enough and not without risk, however minimal. It’s important to work with a medical doctor who has experience with fertility methods to ensure the highest chance of getting pregnant and safely carrying the baby to term. Selecting a competent and professional physician to advise you about your options is the first step towards achieving your goal.

Keeping in mind that many fertility procedures are invasive, you might want to consider all of your options, including some forms of alternative treatment. Alternative treatments, although not yet part of the western medical mainstream, have resulted in many successes. Sometimes, an alternative treatment plan includes nothing more mysterious than engaging in de-stressing activities, such as yoga and meditation.

So it is not only important to look for an accredited physician, it’s important to look for a doctor and/or facility that incorporate a wide variety of fertility treatments. A good example of a facility that specializes in fertility treatments and also has a holistic approach to medical procedures is the Fifth Avenue Fertility Center in New York. This top notch clinic is owned and operated by Dr. Sami David, who has specialized in reproductive endocrinology for more than 30 years.

Dr. David graduated from the prestigious Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, and completed a fellowship at the equally prestigious University of Pennsylvania. His determination to help couples conceive led him to develop a comprehensive plan, called the S.A.M.I. Method that has enabled more than 3,000 women to achieve their goal of becoming mothers. 

Dr. David’s clinic is a reflection of his holistic health approach towards his patients: the clinic itself has an environment that is as soothing and supportive as the doctor’s approach to fertility treatments. He is a pioneer in his field, advocating safe, integrated methods for fertility. His patients receive highly individualized treatment plans that are designed for the best interests of both partners. His treatment plans often include critical lifestyle changes for both partners; changes that will help them to conceive. Dr. David not only helps couples identify the cause or causes for their infertility problems; he works with them to incorporate all of the treatment methods necessary to help them become parents.