How To Locate A Local Drug Treatment Facility

Struggling with drug addiction can be a horrible experience to go through. Fortunately, there are now many places you can go to in the United States to receive top quality care that will help you to get back on your feet again. These rehab facilities are dedicated to helping all of their patients become productive members of society once again. However, not all drug rehab facilities are created equal. The truth is that the care people receive at these facilities can vary greatly. This is why it is so important for you to do an adequate amount of research before checking yourself or a loved one into one of these facilities. Here is how to locate a local drug treatment facility.

1. Look for treatment facilities on the Internet

The amount of drug treatment facilities currently in the Unites States is staggering. There seems to be a new facility opening its doors every day. This is a good thing, because it gives you a wide variety of options. Even though some facilities may be out of your price range, or farther away than you want to travel, there should be an adequate amount of places to choose from that are close to you, and that you can afford. You can begin your search by going online. There are websites such as Drug Treatment Center Finder that are specially designed to help you find places where you can detox local. You will be able to search for treatment facilities in your specific state or city. These sites are very useful, alerting you to different places that you may not have heard of before. Once you have found a few places near you, visit their website to learn more about the specific methods of treatment that they offer to their patients. If the facility seems like it is what you are looking for, you can call them for pricing information. Many drug treatment facilities will not put any of their rates on their website. They prefer for people to call them to inquire about this information. 

2. Speak to people who have been in rehab

You may know some people who have gone through the rehab process. If you do not know anyone who has been through rehab personally, you will need to seek them out on the Internet, or by other means. There are many substance abuse recovery websites that have message boards you can use to find people with rehab experience. Once you find several people who have been through rehab, ask them if they are satisfied with the quality of treatment they have received. Did they have a relapse after they left treatment? Was the staff at the facility friendly, knowledgeable and well trained? Was the facility clean and well maintained? Would they recommend the facility to other addicts? If the person gives a positive recommendation to the drug treatment facility he or she went to, you should contact the place as soon as possible to find out more information from the staff.

3. Find out how much your treatment will cost

After you have received some references of treatment facilities and looked at their websites, you will need to call them and discuss how much they charge for treatment. Sometimes your insurance will cover your treatment, but you will need to check with your specific provider. You will also need to find out if the facility will accept being paid in monthly installments, or if they need to be paid in one lump sum before you check in. The policies for these things will tend to vary depending on the facility.

4. Visit facilities you are interested in

Prior to paying any money to a drug treatment facility, you will need to visit the facility in person. If you are helping a friend or family member to find a facility to do their rehab at, he or she will need to visit all of the facilities that are being considered. When you visit the facility, you will be given a complete tour. You will be shown the areas where you will sleep, watch TV, have your group therapy sessions and medical examinations. You will then be able to talk to various members of the staff who will be treating you if you decide to go there. You can inquire about their levels of experience. You should also make sure that at least one medical doctor is on call at all times to help deal with any medical needs of the patients.