3 Best Choices for Laser hair removal

It's one of the most irritating and time-consuming issues that women have to deal with on a daily basis, but the hair removal industry has changed phenomenally over the years. Once upon a time it would have been unheard of for this process to be permanently eradicated from our lives, but now there are several options available that can do exactly that.

Through the course of this article we'll now take a look at the three main choices which women choose and see which one could work the best for you.

Laser Hair Removal

This has made massive headway over the years and involves lasers destroying the root of your hairs and preventing growth forever. It can be performed absolutely anywhere on the body and in comparison to some of the older treatments it's a lot less painful for the patient. However, numerous sessions are required, although most women aren't deterred in the slightest because of the results. Here is a resource for more information on the subject.


Another permanent solution, electrolysis takes advantage of needles which target and destroy cells which are responsible for hair growth. It's a much slower process, with some courses of treatment lasting no less than twenty five sessions, while some patients may experience scarring due to the use of the needle.

Topical Creams

Topical creams such as Vaniqa have also come to light over the last few years and can be worthwhile for those patients who don't want to go under the needle. It can take months to work, and in some cases there won't be any results, but the simple nature of applying a cream to the skin is enough to convince a lot of people to give it a try. It works by blocking the enzyme that stimulates hair growth, although most people do look to use it in conjunction with another one of the treatments that have been discussed.