October Was Breast Cancer Awareness Month and You Can Still Do Your Part

More than 10 percent of all women living in the United States will receive a diagnosis of breast cancer at some point in their lives. While certain risk factors can increase a woman's chances of developing the disease, it can strike anyone at anytime. October is breast cancer awareness month, which is why you see so many pink ribbons and pink items in the stores that month. Instead of forgetting about it this year after Halloween passes, find out how you can do your part to bring awareness to the disease.

Create a Fundraising Event

Do you ever see the friends and loved ones of women with breast cancer taking part in a marathon and wishing that you could do the same? You might claim that you don't have the time or that you aren't strong enough to run a marathon. Even if your knees creak every time you get off the couch, you can still host a fundraising event. Decide on how much money you want to raise, pick a type of fundraiser and invite people to participate. 

Think Beyond Pink

Those pink cupcakes, toasters, tee shirts and hundreds of other items that you see in the stores all help raise money. If you look at the labels closely though, you might find that those manufacturers only agree to give a tiny percentage of the proceeds back to those organizations. Depending on manufacturing and operating costs, a company may only give a few thousand dollars to those organizations. If you think beyond pink, you'll find that there are other ways you can give back. Donating cash from your own wallet lets you know exactly how much money goes to breast cancer research.

Partner with a Local Store

Once October ends, talk with local stores about making donations. Those stores can set out change jars and donate the funds raised back to a breast cancer organization. You can also work out an agreement that guarantees the store will donate a specific percentage of the money raised during one day, one week or one month. The goodwill that those stores receive is worth the money the shops lose. Check out some reviews of breast cancer organizations to determine which charity you want to work with and which one needs your donations and the donations of your community the most.