Weight Loss - How to reduce weight, fitness tips for women

There is no ideal weight for pregnancy. Your own individual ' ideal ' weight depend on you as an individual and it is not based on what you weigh when you stand on the scales. The way to work out if your weight is satisfactory before pregnancy is to calculate your body mass index (BMI). This is probably the best guide as it gives a better indication of body fat content than weight alone, both in pregnant and non-pregnant women. Meeting your weight loss goals and maintaining an ideal body weight can yield important mental and physical health benefits. In addition to improving the appearance of women, weight loss can improve women's health.

What is the Ideal Body Weight for Women

Ideal Weight
5' 0" 97-127
5' 1" 100-132
5' 2" 103-136
5' 3" 107-140
5' 4" 110-145
5' 5" 113-149
5' 6" 117-154
5' 7" 121-159
5' 8" 124-164
5' 9" 128-168
5' 10" 132-173
5' 11" 135-178
6' 0" 139-183

Women & Walking: Regular Walking Helps in Weight Loss

One of the primary benefits of a regular walking routine for women is weight loss. Regular walking also helps control weight cycling. Weight cycling is the repeated loss and regain of body weight. Walk with your chin up and your shoulders held slightly back.  Walk so that the heel of your foot touches the ground first. Roll your weight forward as you walk. Walk with your toes pointed forward rather than to the side. Swing your arms as you walk.

Women Weight Loss - Change the Way You Think About You