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Summers Knocking at the Door: How to Get Your Body Bikini Ready

Summer will be here before you know it, so it’s time to start getting your body bikini ready. If you are like most people, you probably put on a few pounds during the winter and feel a little insecure. However, if you start right now, you can get your body looking tight and toned in no time. Here are some tips on how to get your body bikini ready.

Cut Back on the Sodium

It’s time to cut back on the sodium. Limit your consumption of salty foods like chips, pizza, hamburgers and fries. Eating salty foods can make you retain water, which will make you look bloated. If you start limiting your intake of salty foods right now, your stomach will look much flatter in about a week.

Do Strength Training Exercises

Don’t underestimate the importance of including strength training exercises in your workout routine. They might not burn as many calories as cardiovascular exercises, but they will help tone your muscles so that you look slimmer. Lift weights and do crunches, pushups, lunges and squats on the floor. Consider using kinesiology tape during your strength training workouts to reduce inflammation and pain. If you are not sure how to use kinesiology tape, ask a personal trainer at the gym.

Drink A lot of Water

Put that soda away and start drinking more water. Water will keep you hydrated so that you can work out longer. It will also help flush out the excess water weight you are carrying in your body. If water is too bland for you, try adding a lemon or lime to it.

Don’t Drink That Much Alcohol

If you are someone who drinks a cocktail each night, you might want to consider cutting back on your alcohol intake. Alcohol contains a lot of calories and can reduce your energy levels. If you cut back on your alcohol intake, you will have much more energy to exercise.

Get Your Cardio In

Cardiovascular exercises, such as swimming, running, dancing and biking, can help you burn a lot of calories and get in shape fast. If you do an hour of cardio at least four days a week, you will lose the weight you put on in the winter.

If you follow these helpful tips, your body will be bikini ready soon. Also, don’t forget to apply a self-tanner all over your body so that your skin looks sun-kissed.


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