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Thyroid Cyst Treatment: What to Expect

Usually, thyroid nodules, otherwise known as thyroid cysts, do not pose any threat as they are noncancerous. These cysts can be filled with fluid but they can also be solid. Since cysts rarely account for thyroid cancer, most thyroid nodules are removed due to the inconvenience and the difficulties that they pose to an individual. Most nodules are not discovered until a physical examination but there are cysts can expand and cause pressure to the windpipe, making it difficult to swallow. There are a number of treatment options for thyroid cysts and these treatments vary depending on the kind of nodule that you have.

Treatment Options For Benign Nodules

When a doctor determines that the lump in your thyroid is harmless, you may not be subjected to any kind of medication unless the nodule grows bigger. However, careful monitoring and examination at regular intervals is still necessary. When the nodule causes inconvenience, another option is to undergo levothyroxine therapy which involves taking pills to reduce TSH that stimulates the growth of tissues in the thyroid.

Finally, there’s surgery. This is only necessary in dire circumstances and it is only done when the size of the nodule is big enough to cause difficulty in swallowing and breathing. Surgical removal of the lump is also necessary once the goiters block the blood vessels, the airways or the esophagus.

Treatment Options For Cysts Causing Hyperthyroidism

Some thyroid nodules are harmless but some can alter the normal hormone production wreaking havoc to a person’s metabolic rate. One solution to a nodule that causes the thyroid to produce excess hormones is to take anti-thyroid medicines such as methimazole.

Another solution is to go for radioactive iodine that can decrease the cyst’s size in 2 to 3 months. This radioactive iodine can be taken as a capsule or in liquid form and it is absorbed by the gland. However, if the gland does not respond to the following medications, you have no other choice but to go for a surgery. In this case, the surgery’s primary concern would be the removal of the defective thyroid gland. But it is important to stress out that the surgery will only be done when all other methods are exhausted.

Cancerous Thyroid Cysts

In many instances, thyroid cysts are benign and their removal is only necessary when they are causing difficulties to the affected individual. But there are unfortunate cases when the cysts are actually cancerous. This is usually determined after biopsy.

Needless to say, when it is determined that the cyst is cancerous, the most expedient option is the removal of the thyroid gland together with most of the thyroid tissues. Since the removal of the thyroid gland and its surrounding tissues can cause permanent damage to one’s metabolism, patients whose cancerous thyroid gland was removed often rely on medication to resume their normal activities and keep their hormone levels in check. T3 is used for treating low thyroid function. You can buy T3 online and read more on thyroid hormone at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thyroid_hormone


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