Treating Thread Veins

A lot of people, especially women suffer from thread veins. Also known as telangiectasia, thread veins or spider veins are dilated capillaries that are small but expanded so they become visible on the outer surface of the skin. They are especially visible when our skin is not well-moisturised and on older people.

Thread veins is a skin condition very common in the UK. Anyone can have it although it’s exact cause is unknown. Studies done about thread veins attribute its cause to hereditary factors as well as influences in the environment, climate, alcohol consumption, smoking, weight gain, pregnancy and other lifestyle factors. In most cases, it has been observed that thread veins are more common during colder seasons.

Although thread veins are not really a serious health condition, it still bothers a lot of people. Thread veins often appear on the face or legs. It can be a very embarrassing to have especially for women.  They appear as purple, red or blue thin threads on the face or legs. They can be confused with varicose veins which is actually a more serious condition.

thread veins

There are many ways to treat thread veins.

The most common form of treatment is sclerotherapy. This involves injecting some form of chemical in the body that irritates the vessel lining. The irritation will result to the collapse or shrinkage of the thread veins and later on can vanish it completely. The sclerotherapy often requires several sessions before it completely eradicates the problem.

Another way to treat thread veins is laser therapy. With this procedure, laser energy is applied on the skin through a machine or device available in clinics. The laser treatment would compress the veins, coagulating the blood inside it. Since the blood can no longer flow in the affected veins, it would no longer be visible on the surface of the skin. Pulsed light treatments can also be done to cure thread veins. It works pretty much the same way as the laser therapy.

Therapies available for thread veins can get quite expensive. Some doesn’t even work until after a few sessions. There are other ways to treat thread veins apart from the treatments mentioned above. There are good products and devices out in the market that are quite effective in getting rid of thread veins.

There are also a lot of creams, serums and lotions available on the market for thread veins. Just make sure you pick one that is proven effective and can really help you get rid of this problem. Even devices that can rejuvenate the skin like treatment lamps are also available. To know which products are effective, it is best to do your research. Read about other people’s cases and see which products worked for them.

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