Smoking and Pregnancy - The Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy and Smoking Pregnant

Smoking during pregnancy can be very harmfull. If you continue to smoke after you become pregnant then you are putting yourself at an increased risk of miscarriage or of the baby being small for dates which can lead to various health problems during pregnancy.

Medical Studies and research shows that smoking may triple your chances of not being able to concieve. If your partner smokes, he needs to give up as well. Smoking prior to pregnancy can damage the sperms. Smoking robs the body of vitamins and can cause a build up of the free radicals that supply placenta in the body, therefore results in reducing the supply of nutrients for the developing baby. So, it is important to stop smoking prior to pregnancy for both you and your partner.

Smoking is a powerful addiction and so can be very difficult to stop. But if you stop smoking then your fertility will go back to normal. Consult your health clinic as he can provide advice or support to help you come off cigarettes. Even after the pregnancy it is important not to smoke because in this case the baby will be more prone to cot death.

Stop Smoking if mothers want a boy baby

It is suggested that smoking may influence the sex of the baby. The number of boys relative to the number of girls born has fallen in many western countries. Research has done on the smoking habits around the time of conception in the parents of 12000 children and found that more cigarettes that were smoked by both the mothers and fathers, the lower the likelihood of them having a boy baby.

When I stop smoking I just gain weight. What should I do?

Weight gain is common after stopping smoking as your appetite usually increases and metabolic rate decreases, so your diet may have to be modified to prevent excessive weight gain. For your general health, you should know that stopping smoking ought to be given a higher priority than weight loss even in very overweight people.

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