Skin care routine

For a clear and glowing skin try these simple steps... 

A day in skin care make it your routine and get glowing

10 pm- -After having dinner and before retiring to bed have a glassful of milk (milk controls the melanin in your skin making you visibly fairer in few weeks.)

Have at least of eight hours of good sleep,
Take a good cleanser and scrub your face and neck and wash off with cold water yes because it has astringent qualities apply a night cream (plentitude from Loreal, oil of Olay, Synergie etc..)

6am - Drink a glass of water with lemon ,Get in your shorts,track suits,running shoes and head off for your jog, walk, or fitness center.

Before heading out for the day dab on some protective sunscreen that's not greasy (Nivea, Synergie etc..)

During your work day drink water in intervals and avoid in between snacks which are oily, you could munch on an apple instead.

Papaya is extremely good for your skin you could have it in your fruit salad in the evening or at lunch especially if your city has good salad bars or you can always buy it on your way back from home.

6:30 pm- 8pm After your office hours you could come home have fresh fruit juice (citrus will be more beneficial here nevertheless any fruit juice will do) So instead of grabbing a beer or scotch you could try something more natural.

Exfoliate your skin at least twice a week if dry skin is your skin type if you have oily skin you can do it every day. Exfoliating helps to reveal the younger looking skin hidden beneath the visible dull layer of cells it also helps to fasten the process of skin renewal.

Popular Exfoliates are available in the market.
You could also use mud packs to tighten your skin but do not apply the pack under your eyes as the skin there is very tender.

Golden tip for skin Care

supplement your skin care routine with a healthy life style to get results that last a life time...     

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