Sign of Pregnancy - very early first sign and symptom of pregnancy

The signs and symptoms of pregnancy includes breast changes, tiredness and the feeling that you need to pass urine more often. You may experience morning sickess or feel faint or dizzy. In addition it is common to feel irritable or emotional and sometimes you may find that you have difficulty making decisions.

If miss a period, does that mean I am pregnant?

Often the catalyst for doing a pregnancy test is when you miss a period. So if you normally have a regular cycle and miss your period, you should always think about the possibility of pregnancy and perform a pregnancy test. Your period can be delayed by stress, such as that due to a bereavement or to exam pressure, jet lag or sudden weight change, but don't just assume that a factor like stress is the reason for your late period. If pregnancy is possible, take a pregnancy test! If you are concerned about late or irregular periods, you should discuss this with your doctor.

Pregnancy tests will usually give a positive reading by that time. If it is negative, however, wait a few days; if your period has still not started, repeat the test. Your doctor can confirm the result and will arrange appropriate antenatal care for you.

Breast Changes -a Sign of Pregnancy

Your breasts will get bigger often before your period is missed and they will feel tender. You will probably notice that your bra is beginning to feel a bit tight and you may have a tingling sensation in your breasts or feel that your nipples are sore. The veins on your breasts can become very obvious, especially if you have a pale skin. This is because of an increase in blood supply to prepare them for breast-feeding. Your nipples will also enlarge and become darker in colour and feel sensitive to touch.

The pigmented skin round each nipple, the areola, will develop small raised glands known as Montgomery's tubercles (Montgomery was an 18th-century gynaecologist who first described these glands). These little glands produce an oily secretion that lubricates and protects the skin of the nipples during breast-feeding. Your breasts may feel lumpy to touch and may get extremely itchy. It is important to wear a bra that fits you properly.

Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Your morning sickness will usually pass by the 14th week of pregnancy. However, for a small number of women it can persist for much longer. In fact. some women can experience it throughout the pregnancy.

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