Pruritis (Itch) Definition - Chronic Anal Pruritis Cause

What is Pruritis(Pruritis Ani)?

Pruritis is a cutaneous sensation sharing neural receptors and pathways with pain but is characterized by its own precipitants, potentiators, and range of chronic severity. Pruritis ani, or anal itching is one of the most common complaints related to anal pathology. Itching tends to occur in and just around the anus.

What causes Pruritis ?

Most commonly, Pruritis is caused by foods that are eaten, vitamins, minerals and medications that are consumed and creams, lotions, solutions and soaps that are applied. The Following are common causes of Pruritis:

  1. skin conditions, such as psoriasis, bullous pemphigoid, or abnormally dry skin, sometimes called xerosis
  2. irritation of the skin. This may be from sunburn, insect bites, chemicals, soaps, poison ivy or other causes.
    skin infections, such as scabies
  3. body wide infections such as chickenpox
  4. conditions with body-wide effects, such as chronic renal failure, certain liver conditions, such as cholestasis of pregnancy, or iron-deficiency anemia
  5. autoimmune disorders. Examples include Sjogren's syndrome and multiple sclerosis.
  6. hormone imbalances such as those that occur in diabetes.

Pruritis Treatment:

Maintaining healthy skin may relieve pruritus. Good skin care includes adequate nutrition and daily fluid intake, protection from the environment, and cleansing practices that don't dry the skin.

Home Remedies fro treating Pruritis

Equal quantities of fresh tomato and coconut juice, mixed and applied on the itchy are, will bring relief.

A tablespoonful of split red gram ground to a paste with fresh yoghurt and applied locally for 4-5 days is effective.
Grind dried orange peels to a paste with a little water. apply for a week.

Grind the root of a bitter gourd and make a paste. Apply locally on the pruritis.

If the itch is due to a dry skin, massage with fresh cream and then bath with a mild soap or soap nut solution and warm water.

Make your own shampoo for an oily, itchy scalp. Whisk an egg and gradually add this a tablespoonful of fresh orange juice. Add half a cup of a soap nut decoction and mix well. Apply this mixture on the scalp and tie up your hair. Leave for 10-15 minutes and rinse out thoroughly with warm water till the hair is absolutely clean.

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