Top Factors That affect your ability to conceive for pregnancy

How much time to get pregnant again soon after a previous pregnancy?

Spacing your pregnancies can also play a role in the outcome. If you have two or more pregnancies in close succession, you are at increased risk of health problems like anaemia and of producing a low-birth weight baby. You may also want to consider that spacing your pregnancies will help with the workload of looking after small children. So timing when you conceive needs to be taken into account when planning a pregnancy.

No specific check-up is usually necessary if you are healthy, with no previous history of miscarriage, pregnancy complications or a long-standing medical condition. But if you have specific questions or concerns, you should discuss

Overweight problem can affect chances of conceiving for pregnancy

Overweight women can have fertility problems. High levels of body fat, particularly in the abdomen, can disturb the hormones controlling the function of the ovary that produces the egg. Production of estrogen can be affected, which upsets regular egg development in the ovaries, leading to irregular periods. With weight reduction, the hormonal imbalance is often corrected and a normal menstrual cycle usually ensues, thus improving fertility.

Stress affect on ability to conceive

If you have been trying desperately for a baby and you have not conceived, you can end up feeling stressed and anxious, which can have an adverse effect on conception. Having a balanced diet, getting enough sleep and taking regular exercise should help. If you have a very stressful occupation, you might want to consider ways of limiting or avoiding stress at work.

Ques: I drink a lot of coffee. Will this affect my ability to conceive?

There is no good evidence that drinking up to three cups of coffee a day will reduce your fertility. There is, however, some evidence to show that excessive caffeine intake might reduce your chances of conceiving. It is thought that this may be because caffeine constricts the blood vessels and reduces the blood supply to parts of the body, including the ovaries and the womb, or because it interferes with the metabolism of the female hormone estrogen. Remember,too, that caffeine is not only found in coffee. There is caffeine in tea and winsome soft drinks like cola. If you do drink a lot of coffee, why not switch to a decaffeinated variety?

Stop smoking before conceiving for pregnancy

Research has shown that smoking may triple your chances of not being able to conceive. If your partner smokes, he needs to give up as well. Smoking can

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