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Most of you will take good care of your health when you know you are pregnant. However, many of you will be unaware that diet and health before pregnancy also play a major role in producing a healthy baby. Doctors have known for a long time that pre-pregnancy care is important. Women are becoming increasingly health conscious and many now seek specific pre-pregnancy advice. Missing your first period is often the catalyst for thinking about your pregnancy.

A woman is already 2 weeks pregnant by the time she misses her first period. It may take a further few weeks before you see your obstetrician. By this time the baby is developing rapidly and you may have missed opportunities to positively influence the pregnancy.

The first 12 weeks of pregnancy is the time when all of the major organs are forming in the baby. The heart, lungs liver, kidneys, brain and nervous system are all formed at a time when many women do not even realise that they are pregnant. This is why pre-pregnancy care is so important.

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