Pregnancy Vitamin, Minerals -  vitamins before and during pregnancy

The requirements for protien, iron, calcium, vitamins B, C, D and E increase in pregnancy, but a well balanced diet will usually provide you with enough protien, vitamins and minerals to meet these extra demands. As when preparing for pregnancy, the only vitamin supplement you need is folic acid.

If you are planning a pregnancy, it makes sense to be as healthy as possible. When you are pregnant you need the same healthy diet and balance of nutrients that you need when you are not pregnant. Remember that your body will make adjustments in how it handles certain nutrients so that it can cope with the extra demands of pregnancy. If you have a balanced and healthy diet and no nutritonal or medical problems, then there is only one vitamin tou need to take that is folic acid.

Vitamin supplements during pregnancy

Other vitamins supplements than folic acid are not usually required in pregnancy. If you have specific medical or nutritinal problems, you may need additional vitamins and should discuss this with your doctor. As when trying to conceive, you should avoid a high intake of Vitamin A.

Vitamin C and D are useful. Vitamin C is important as it helps to absorb iron and also because it is needed for the production of the red blood cells that carry oxygen round the body.

If you are vegetarian, you may need specific supplements of vitamins and minerals. These will require individual advice from your doctor.

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