Pregnancy Nutrition - your healthy Pregnancy Nutrition Plan, Nutrition before, during and after pregnancy

There is a greater need of nutrition in pregnancy. Try eating good foods rich in nutrition, iron and vitamins. How much you eat depends on your body weight and whether or not you are overweight.

However, if your weight is satisfactory you should aim for a balanced and healthy diet. For example, a woman weighing 60 kg should consume each day:

. 1-2 portions of lean meat

. 6 portions of fruit and vegetables each day

. 5 slices of wholemeal bread each day

. 1-1 V 2 portions of rice or pasta

. 1 portion of breakfast cereal

In addition, Pregnant woman should try to eat a portion of fish every other day. Iron deficiency is common during pregnancy because of the body's drastic increase in blood volume. If you aren't able to get enough iron from your diet, or if you restrict your intake of red meat, you may want to round out your supplement routine with an iron supplement.

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