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Despite the old adage about eating for two in pregnancy, there is actually no need to increase food intake as your body becomes much more efficient in its use of food and energy when you are pregnant.

In late pregnancy your energy intake should be increased by about 10% which amounts to an additional 200 calories for the average woman. This amount of calories can be gained by eating a large bowl of cornflakes with semi skimmed milk, or two medium slices of wholemeal bread, very lightly buttered, although the amount can be spread out over several smaller meals if a large portion cannot be eaten in one sitting at this stage of pregnancy.

Salt Intake and Pregnancy Food

You do not want or need to eliminate all salt from your diet. As with most foods, moderation is the key: try not to put extra salt on the foods you eat and minimise the salt you add during cooking, as well as eating fresh foods rather than processed or tinned products, which are often high in salt. Remember that meat extracts and soy sauce are high in salt, too, so keep intake of these oroducts to a minimum.

Recommended Amounts of Food to Eat in Pregnancy


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