Food to Avoid During Pregnancy

There are certain foods that are best avoided when you are pregnant, mainly because of the risk of infection. Remember too, that while fish can be an excellent source of essential fatty acids, important for the development of the baby's nervous system, certain sea fish should be avoided because of their high mercury content. The safe level of tuna intake with regard to the effects of mercury in pregnancy that pregnant women should eat no more than two 170 g cans of tuna each week.

It is best to avoid fried food and foods with a high fat content like meat pies, sausages and pastries, if possible. If you want to fry food, however, use an ultrasaturated vegetable oil such as olive oil, or try grilling it instead, especially if you are going to eat sausages.

Always try to choose lean meat, too, and trim off any excess fat before you cook it. Chicken with its skin removed is th e leanest form of meat that you can eat.

Foods to avoid eating in pregnancy



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