Pregnancy physical activities, massage in pregnancy

Massage in pregnancy can be a terrific way to help you relax, ease backache and give you a general feeling of well-being. You should, however, avoid vigorous massage of your pregnan t abdomen. Massage oils are great for enhancing the experience but some of the aromatic essential oils, distilled from flowers, trees and herbs, need to be avoided in pregnancy. Before using any of these, you should check with an experienced aromatherapist or, if you have any remaining doubts, your doctor.

Aromatherapy can also be useful in pregnancy for relaxation and treatment of some ailments like nausea and it can also help with pain relief in labour. Again, you should consult an experienced aromatherapist before you use aromatherapy for any of these purposes.

Can I have a sauna or hot tub after exercise?

The problem of saunas and hot tubs is the risk of getting overheated, which is more likely in pregnancy, especially after exercise, and can make you faint. They are best avoided. If you do have a sauna, however, you should limit the time to no longer than five minutes and also limit the temperature to less than 82°C (179.6 T ). If you have a hot tub, limit the time to a maximum of 15 minutes at a temperature of less than 39°C (102.2 T ). If you feel uncomfortable or faint, get out immediately. You should also make sure that you maintain your fluid intake as the heat can be very dehydrating.

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