Mittelschmerz - Mittelschmerz Solution

Mittelschmerz (pronounced MITT-ul-schmurz) is a German word that means middle pain. It is a German word which means "middle pain," mittelschmerz is simplepain during ovulation. The pain occurs during ovulation. Pain appears on one side of the lower abdomen midway between menstrual periods. The location is determined by which ovary has produced the ovum that month. This occurs about 2 weeks before your period. It can cause pain and cramping; but it is not serious and usually goes away after about 6 to 8 hours. It can show up on one side of the abdomen one month and switch to the opposite side during the following cycle.

Causes of Mittelschmerz

An egg being released from an ovary. The fluid and blood released when the ovum bursts out of the ovary may cause discomfort. Blood is very irritating to the tissues lining the abdominal cavity and could be responsible for the midcycle pain.

Signs/Symptoms of Mittelschmerz

Pain and sometimes cramps on one side of the lower abdomen. Some women feel sick to their stomach and note some spotting of blood from the vagina.

Mittelschmerz Diagnosis & Tests

A pelvic examination shows no abnormalities. Other diagnostic procedures may be performed to rule out other causes of ovarian pain if ovulatory pain is prolonged.

Mittelschmerz Treatment and solution - when to call doctor



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