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Menopause is a simple, natural body process during which the ovaries stop functioning and the cycle of menstruation ceases, thus ending the period of pregnancy and child bearing. In most women menopause occurs between the ages of 47 and 49. Though in some women it may occur as early as thirty and in some as late fifty-five. The first sign of menopause is' the change In menstrual flow.

Besides natural menopause there is also Artificial menopause. This is a condition where menstruation stops because the ovaries a're either removed by an operation or destroyed by the use of radium X-ray. As far as possible such a drastic action should be avoided by young women because often this produces many severe symptoms.

Menopause Facts and Information

Women mistakenly believe that their capacity of sexual enjoyment disappears after menopause. For a healthy and normal woman, sexual desire can continue indefinitely and with adjustment to menopause, she can embark upon a healthy and satisfactory sex life free from fear of unwanted pregnancies and problems of menstruation.

Symptom of Menopause

Some women feel thts just for a few days and others for few years. Other disorders of menopause are night sweats, extreme tension, nervousness and insomnia.

All these symptoms tend 1.0 disappear when 2 Calcium tablets are taken before every meal. Sufficient proteins and iron are very important to the body in overcoming menopausal anaemia and building up the body for a long and healthy life.

Other sign of menopause

Whlle most bleeding of this type is harmless, it can also be a sign of some serious disorder and should always be rought to the attention of the doctor. One of the most common signs of menopause is sensation of heat in the face and upper parts of the body.

Menopause treatment

In a majority of women bleeding decreases with each succeeding period and cycles may be skipped and spread further apart. Bleeding may also occur between the cycles either as a flow or in drops. Excessive bleeding and many other symptoms will in many cases disappear if vitamin E is taken after each meal. Rovigon tablets arc the best sources of Vitamin E.

Pre Menopause Information

Perimenopause Information

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