Wedding Cake Colours: How Many Is Too Many?

Wedding Cake is perhaps one of the most important colour choices, it is something that has to be perfect and you certainly cannot settle for anything less than perfect. Now often people tend to go overboard with the planning of making the wedding cake authentic, and sadly get stuck with a very oddly overpowered cake. No, we don’t want that! There are ways that can help you determine the best colour combo for your special day, you just have to be cautious regarding few things like, the background décor, the centrepiece, the theme of the wedding, and lastly your own personal choice!

Grabbing things from the hot-shot magazine is not always a great idea because what is pleasant to a certain designer may not please you. Sometimes even the most shooting colours combined together make a horrible cake because none of the colours can really complement each other. A wedding cake has to be a bit colourful, having at least two colours. You must try to create a balance between the colours you’re working with. Before making your final decision, narrow down the following things into a list,

What are your favourite colours

Certainly your wedding would reflect your personality. If you don’t like a traditional white colour cake then in that case, you must go with the next best thing that can be beige or peach! If you like 4 different colours, you can choose all four for your wedding cake but they must not wear each other out. If a strong colour has been chosen, there must be two other light colours to restore the balance.

Balancing the colours

If you have chosen 3 or 4 colours for your cake, try to use a very light colour for the base and have two same colours with one lighter shade and one darker shade. And have another powerful colour like purple or red to create subtle art-work. If all the colours are too bright, the design would not be visible and it wouldn't create any aura around it.

Say no to ‘Over saturated colours’

As much as saturated colours sounds good in theory it does not look at all good on cakes, especially when you are working with several colours. The key is to make your cake look unique without making it too odd to look at. No need to worry about leaving it too pale and ordinary, you can always have a dark colour of your choice and have detailed work on the side to make it look more gorgeous.

Stay away from the ‘hot-trend’

Many times we try to blend with the media flow and choose some crazy colour that we generally dislike! You don’t want your wedding cake made based on the hot-trend and later on regret every time you look at the pictures. Choose the colours that you find stunning and make you feel good instead of going for the hot-pick.

At the end of the day you would choose the colours according to your taste but the above things can really help you avoid some common mistakes that most people make while trying to get the most authentic and flamboyant cake. It is encouraged to give your choice preference over the ‘hot-trend’.