From Bikes to Boogies: Ways to Exercise as a Family

It can be tough to think up ways to exercise as a whole family, especially if you have very young children. Fun is going to appeal to kid ways more than fact that something is healthy, so it’s about finding activities that they’ll look forward to. From bike rides to a good old boogie, here are some ideas.

The great family bike ride

Family bike rides are a great way to have fun whilst keeping fit, and going out cycling together is something the whole family can enjoy. As well as trailers and tag-alongs you can get kids bikes of all shapes and sizes, so no one need be left out. When it comes to finding a good place to cycle, consider parks or woodland where there is no traffic. Search for route maps in your local area online, or buy a family cycling guide. By sticking to paths and avoiding roads you can enjoy a stress-free ride, even with little kids.  

Hitting the pool

Swimming is another fun family activity that’s also tremendous exercise. Check the local pool’s schedule to find out when kids are welcome and if there are any special activity sessions. Kids who are competent swimmers can entertain themselves while you squeeze in a few lengths. For the younger kids, there is usually a smaller pool where they can safely paddle with supervision. Baby swim sessions are a good way for new mums to get out there and do some exercise. If you have older kids, you could enroll them in swimming lessons to increase their confidence.  

Something for the weekend

Time outdoors is really important for kids, and is proven to lower stress levels as well as providing the opportunity to exercise. That’s true for adults, too, so it’s important to build outdoor time into your weekly routine. Family trips to the park or local woodland can become real adventures and something the kids look forward to. Wildlife spotting or other nature-related activities can make these trips even more exciting. Likewise, playing sports or games when you get there adds that extra fun. The most important thing is that exercise outdoors isn’t considered to be a chore. If you’re enthusiastic about it then the kids should be too. 

Fun in the garden

You really don’t have to go far to find fun activities that are also good exercise. A simple ball game in the garden can do the trick, or a garden tennis match. You can make your garden a fun place to be by buying some kids sports equipment. Even if space is limited, something as simple as a basketball hoop can provide a fun way to exercise at home.

There are plenty of fun ways to exercise as a family. Even if you can’t get outdoors, why not turn up the music and have a dance? It’s all about turning exercise into something the whole family simply can’t wait to do.