A Scent Of Christmas To Bring Well-Being

What do you do when you’re trying to shop for someone who says that they don’t want anything for Christmas?

christmas gifts

Mum... She's always been and always will be humble at heart. I respect her immensely for this. But the problem is that when Christmas is around the corner, we have to go through our same yearly ritual once again. I'll ask her what kind of gifts she wants. She'll tell me that she has everything she needs; that she's happy to have friends, family, and food.

I love you Mother, but this is frustrating...

This year, I decided to revise my strategy. It was obvious to me that the experience of Christmas is what my mother loved so much, so I was determined to give her something that she would remember and enjoy.

I turned to the web and began searching for ideas. Perhaps there would be some interesting crafting project that I could do? It was my hope that someone else had already found a solution to a plight like my own. After a bit of research, it dawned on me that maybe I could do something to enhance my mother's experience of the season. I would appeal to her senses by finding gifts that made her Christmas even better than it already was.

I knew that my mother's tree could use some more decorations. That old thing. I wasn't going to attempt to replace the artificial snag this year, but I would be lying if I had said that the thought hadn't crossed my mind. My relationship with mother's Christmas tree was one of love and hate. One more year...

What else could I do?

It struck me as a good idea to find a fragrance that would reenforce the Christmas spirit. Scent can go a long way towards setting the mood. I found a company called Yankee Candle UK Ltd. They had quite the assortment of scents that I would have never dreamed up on my own. And they certainly had what I was looking for. I bookmarked the site for my own purposes, purchased what I needed for mother, and moved on to easier shopping.

Yankee Candle christmas

There is a moral to my story, and it goes like this...

If you cannot give a gift to be held, give a gift that can be held in the heart.