Before and After: Fresh and Modern Ways to Rock Your Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are experiencing a revival after a growing sense of boredom with the style staple has led to designers coming up with fresh and innovative ways to breathe new life into the cut. Skinnies first made an appearance in the 80s where they were worn predominantly by angry young men in punk rock bands. They came back with a bang after the millennium, and designers fell over each other in the rush to produce the tightest possible fit that still allowed the wearer to perform essential tasks such as bending and sitting down. Soon enough, everybody was wearing them and even men rekindled their love affair with skinnies. Celebrities such as Russell Brand are rarely seen in anything else, and supermodels show us all how it's done every time they step off a plane or attend a fashion show in a pair of eye-wateringly tight skinny jeans. This season designers have upped the stakes and created some modern styles to help you rock the trend in an exciting new way, and this article gives tips on how every body type can work the newest skinny jean.

DIY Fashion

Before rushing out to buy a brand new pair of skinny jeans, why not try your hand at refreshing your existing collection with a few stylish accessories? If you have a pair that are especially long in the leg, try turning them up at the ankle and teaming them with tennis shoes for some preppy-chic style. Iron-on patches applied randomly all over your skinnies will add a fun twist to an otherwise dull item and are also a great way to hide any rips or stains in the material. The distressed, ripped jean has almost outstayed its welcome, but a clean slash at the top of each knee gives an achingly cool modern effect.

The Cutting Edge of Design

Modern skinny jeans feature different edges than the classic style that barely had enough room to squeeze a foot in and out of, and the baby flare is a fantastic new trend. These jeans are ever so slightly flared just above the ankle, and require a set of killer heels in order to pull them off. Other options include zips on the inside leg that can be opened to create a slight flare, and cropped skinnies are a key trend this season. Curvier girls should avoid the cropped style and focus more on elongating the legs with an extra-long pair that finish hallway down the foot. This style also requires high heels, and adding a belted cardigan on top will transform you into the perfect hourglass figure in seconds.

Big On Top

Oversized chunky knits and Christmas jumpers are everywhere right now, and pairing them with skinny jeans gives a completely modern twist to an old classic. Raid your dad's wardrobe for some extra-large cable knit sweaters and layer on top of an oversized shirt for maximum effect. This is a good look for almost every body type as it can hide a multitude of sins whilst looking effortlessly cool.

Mix It Up

If the floral patterns and Aztec prints of 2 years ago are giving you a headache, this winter provides relief in the form of extra-long footwear. Over-the-knee boots are this winter's must-have item and can transform any jeans into the latest fashion style. Wear a long sweater or cardigan on top of your patterned jeans with over-the-knee boots to allow just a small section of the print to show through. This will create a multi-layered effect which looks sensational on taller women.

Skinny jeans come in thousands of colours and fabrics that can be mixed and matched to create endless looks. They are also one of the best fashion investments as they can be dressed up or down for any occasion and accessorised with a range of belts and oversized buckles. They are no longer only reserved for the tall and slim ladies as designers now produce a range of sizes, and plus size fashion retailers sell their creations in sizes up to 28. Curvier girls should stick to jewel tones such as deep purple and emerald green to give a slimming effect to the hips and thighs, and adding a pair of heels makes every women appear instantly taller and slimmer.

Megan Barnes loves fashion trends. She enjoys blogging about ways to incorporate new styles into a great wardrobe.