Mobile Medical Units for Healthcare

In the modern age, there is the belief that healthcare should be accessible to everyone. However, there are still plenty of obstacles when it comes to providing universal healthcare in western countries such as the United States of America. For instance, rural areas tend to have poor access to healthcare. Medical facilities such as clinics, doctor's offices and hospitals can be hundreds of miles away from small villages in the countryside. A lack of proper healthcare is also a problem in poor urban areas. Large cities have a significant population of people living in poverty that have very limited access to medical services. The biggest problem for healthcare access in poor urban areas is cost. 

Fortunately, there are solutions for providing access to healthcare in remote areas such as in rural regions of America. An example of providing proper access to healthcare in rural areas is the use of Mobile medical units for healthcare. The concept of bring medical services to a particular area has the goal of providing universal healthcare. Instead of expecting patients to visit a medical office, the medical services can come to patients. 

Mobile healthcare is provided through large commercial vehicles that are equipped with all of the necessary equipment and features of a typical medical office, clinic or laboratory. For example, mobile dental units travel around a city or the countryside and provide onsite services such as cleanings, fillings, root canals and other procedures. Such Mobile dental units have the latest X-ray imaging equipment and all other components typically found inside traditional dentist settings. 

Other mobile medical offices may focus on providing services for specific issues such as cancer. For example, mobile units may travel around a city and provide free mammograms in areas where breast cancer rates seem to be high. Other cancer screenings are also done in mobile units that can provide medical services to anyone regardless of location or ability to pay.

Mobile healthcare is often done through charity cooperation. There are plenty of funds that focus on preventing or treating certain cancers. Mobile units have the goal of educating the public about common cancers such as of the breasts, pancreas, thyroid, lung and prostate. For example, smokes may get invited for a lung cancer screening inside a state of the art mobile healthcare unit. Colorful paint jobs are often applied to mobile healthcare vehicles to attract the attention of diverse communities.