Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Many people believe that marijuana is a benign and even beneficial substance. It supporters argue that it can help people heal from cancer and other diseases. They also say that the government can raise revenue by making it legal and then taxing it heavily. However, for all of its supporters, marijuana still poses a danger to people who are predisposed to addiction. Individuals who misuse this substance risk ruining their health and their lives and the future of their families.

The Dangers of Marijuana

As noted, people who support marijuana legalization often argue that this substance is no more dangerous than a bottle of tequila or a bottle of aspirin. If misused, either of these legal products could endanger the health of the consumer, much the same way that marijuana could make someone who uses too much of it sick. 

However, scientific studies continue to prove that marijuana takes a faster and more serious detrimental toll on people's health than alcohol or OTC painkillers. The studies show that marijuana users experience rapid deterioration of their brain cells. The substance kills off cells in the brain, causing people to become significantly forgetful, develop slower reflexes, and experience difficulty keeping up with everyday conversations. 

Likewise, because marijuana is typically smoked, it poses a risk to people's respiratory systems. Much like tobacco, marijuana can cause lung and esophageal tissue to die. It can also cause the lining of the mouth and nose to deteriorate. People who misuse marijuana are at an increased risk of developing lung and esophageal cancer, cancer of the mouth, tongue, and throat, and also other respiratory illnesses like fibrosis or COPD. Many users develop these illnesses faster than people who smoke tobacco cigarettes and cigars. 

Signs of Marijuana Dependency

While the media is rife with lurid stories touching on subjects like celebrities & drug addction and other taboo subjects, it does not accurately report the signs and symptoms of marijuana addiction. In fact, if anything the media tends to glamorize and play down marijuana use in its hailing of celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Roseanne Barr who are notoriously in favor of marijuana's legalization. Because people read about celebrities using marijuana, they think that they themselves are immune to developing a dependency on the substance and that they too are trendy and en vogue for using marijuana. 

However, marijuana dependency does have clear-cut symptoms and signs that should be heeded immediately. People who are marijuana addicts typically cannot function a single day without smoking a joint. Further, they spend too much money buying this substance and also may be late on bills or always borrowing money to make ends meet.

They also may experience withdrawals like nausea, headaches, and the shakes if they do not get a hit on time. If you recognize any of these signs in yourself or your life, you may decide to get help by first using the online referral source to locate a rehab center near you.

Asking for Information and Help

Getting help with your marijuana addiction begins by filling out the online form on the website. You are asked for basic details like your name and phone number. You also can click on the name of your state to browse a listing of rehabs in your area.

Once you submit the form, you can expect to receive a call back from someone from the referral source. Together you and this individual can consider the choices of rehabs in your state. You may need to fine tune your search by what kind of insurance coverage you have and whether or not you plan on checking into the facility or prefer to get outbound help. You also may consider choices of rehabs that are located across the state and away from where you currently live.

Your addiction program will be tailored to your particular needs. Your counselors, doctors, and other advisers will work with you to ensure that you beat your marijuana addiction once and for all.

Marijuana is much more than the benign substance the media makes it out to be. You can overcome your addiction to this substance by exploring your choices for rehab and by asking for information on centers and programs near you.