Improving Overall Fitness For Seniors Through Strength Training

As the body ages, people become weaker. Muscles start to lose strength and in order to overcome the problem, it is a good idea to consider strength training. A senior person can have a much healthier life through this. Strength training exercises for seniors are not usually considered and it can help a lot to improve balance and movement.

Muscles that you do not use will naturally become weaker as time passes. You can easily target muscles that you do not usually use or that lost natural strength. Strength exercises are not at all simple and they will be quite uncomplicated.

Many seniors are nowadays faced with muscle and joint pain or simply find it really hard to perform normal movements. They will avoid muscle building and will become inactive as time passes. Those that believe this is a good approach should take a look at Sylvester Stallone. He is really old and is in perfect health because of strength training.

Strength Training For Seniors

You can easily start going through strength training routines as a senior through the help of professional personal trainers. The work can be done at home or in a gym. The beginning involves simple exercises that gradually develop based on the current state of your body. You do not need access to complex strength training equipment.

Various exercises will be performed without the use of weights in order to work triceps and biceps. You can use light weights without strains so that arms will get a lot stronger. Any weight amount that is used in exercises will be based on weight condition and mobility levels. Arm exercises can be performed while standing or sitting.

Besides the obvious improvement of the strength of the arms, thighs and legs can also be improved through senior strength training. This will include various exercises you can do while sitting or standing. However, if there are leg problems, it is really important to be supervised. In most situations you will need to be sitting though, especially when mobility problems appear.

The biggest advantage for most seniors is the fact that back problems and back pain are improved. A really simple example is to just lie on the stomach and then raise your shoulders and head above. It is basically a stretching exercise that will strengthen your back. You can even do that by stretching arms as high as you can while you are in a standing position.


You will be tempted not to consider strength training as a senior because of the fact you believe that would cause more damage. This is definitely incorrect. In reality, you need to do all that you can in order to increase your mobility levels. Strength training is really good, especially for those suffering from joint pain or chronic muscle pain.

Although strength training is really good for seniors, you should always consult your doctor before you start any routine. There is a pretty good possibility you will need to increase your strength gradually. This can only be done under supervision if you have problems.