How to Make Your Contacts Last Longer

Let’s be honest, contacts are expensive! They may not cost as much as they once did, but contacts are still not cheap. There really isn’t much you can do to lower the cost of your contacts outside shopping smart, but there is a lot you can do to make the ones you buy last a long time.

If you follow good contact lens practices, your contacts will last longer and you won’t have to buy them as often, saving you money. Here are some tips and good lens practices to make your contacts last longer.

Clean Your Contacts

Many modern contact solutions advertise as no-rub, meaning you don’t have to actually clean your contacts off, just leave them in the solution. While this may be true, the best way to keep your contacts clean and lasting longer is to clean them by hand every day.

Wash your hands, and then place one contact in the palm of your dominant hand. Then, using your non-dominate hand put a few drops of solution on the contact and rub it gently to clean it. Be sure to rinse both sides of your contacts after cleaning, and place them in solution for at least 4 hours prior to wearing again.

Take Them Out at Night

Wearing your contacts while you sleep is bad for both your eyes and your contacts. Deposits can build up while you sleep and scratch the lens, your eye or both. You should also take out your contacts before you shower or wash your face as soap or lotion can damage the lens.

Clean Contacts after You Cry

Tears are very salty, and coarse salt can cause build-up on your contacts that can scratch the lens, or make them hard to see through. While removing your contacts before you cry would be best, that isn’t always possible. Just be sure to clean your contacts thoroughly after you cry.

Don’t Wear Contacts in Dust or Smoke

Similar to salt, dust and smoke can leave deposits on your contacts. Also, these irritants can make your eyes itchy and dry, which may cause you to rub your eyes and tear your lenses. Always take out your contacts before going anywhere with dust or smoke.

Wash Your Hands

You need to wash your hands before touching your eyes or handling your contacts. Any bits of dirt or dust can scratch your lens or irritate your eye. Also, if you get an eye infection you will have to throw your contaminated contacts away with no exception.

You should always be careful not to wear your contacts longer than is recommended by the manufacturer and your doctor. If your vision is consistently blurry, or your eyes are always dry when wearing your contacts, throw them out and get a new pair.

The best way to make your contacts last longer is to start with a great brand of lenses.