Great Bodybuilding Tips for Women

Gym is not reserved for men only, did you know? For the past decade, women are common sight at the local gyms, and when it comes to women bodybuilding, situation is a bit different. When a guy is working out, thing is simple. The bigger, the better. But, when a girl starts working out, there are some points on which you should pay attention to. Follow these simple rules on the road to success, and soon enough, you will see the results. Shall we?


First and most important thing is to make a strong resolution that you wish to change something about yourself. Let’s be honest, this is not an easy task, and all of those commercials that say you can lose weight without effort are not so honest with you. Hard work and the will to endure are crucial. You may not always like the workout, but you will always like the results, I guarantee it. What I did, is to take a photo of myself before beginning of a program. I’ve got picture developed, and stick it to the mirror in front which I was working. After a few weeks, I replaced picture with the new one. And every time, this picture of me was the strength to do one more push up or one more lift.


If you are a woman in pursue of your career, or you are too busy, I suppose that you don’t have much spare time to visit the gym. In that case, I recommend working out at home, for there are a lot of bodyweight programs online, which can have the same effect. On the other hand, if you can arrange our schedule to visit the gym, I recommend going three times a week. More often than that will require special nutrition, and is reserved for professionals. In the gym, you will have proper guidance, as well as great tips at your disposal. At the very beginning, it is recommended to go jogging three times a week, for two weeks, just to go back in shape. Later, as you advance, you can combine three days of gym with two days of jogging, in order to increase the results.

Food and nutrition

Don’t think that you will spend all of your calories while working out. All of your effort can be in vain, if you don’t eat properly. Snacks and soft drinks cease to exist for you the very moment you started working out. Those are filled with heavy and complex fats and sugar, which stick around your body. Instead, go for fresh fruits, salads and meat. Yes, meat! Fish, beef and chicken meat are primary source of proteins, a stepping stone and key foundation of your muscles, for after workout, proteins are required, in order for muscles to be rebuild stronger. Also, you may try some add-ons, and don’t be shy, modern ones are natural and free of chemistry, and its key features are careful dosage and the availability. You can buy body building supplements anywhere from Brisbane to Los Angeles. Online shopping will also save your effort, and also widens the plethora of products which can be bought.


Depending on the effect you wish to achieve, exercises should be matched. In general, if you wish just to stay fit and slim, go with more cardio-like exercises, bicycle ride and jogging are excellent fat-burners, and you won’t get too much muscle mass. For those girls out who would like to be a bit built-up, I recommend medium weights with medium number of repetitions, and eventually, if you want to go full bodybuilder-style, you can do it also, with heaviest weights. Anyway, if you are working at the gym, tell the coach what effect you wish to achieve, and he will help you from there. Be careful not to overdo yourself, for you can either hurt yourself, or to nullify the results, for the body builds up muscles until one point, and if lacks energents, it starts melting muscles, thus rendering your work useless.

So, girls, are you ready to rebuild yourself? Just keep in mind that this is what you truly desire, and the result is inevitable.

Linda Ward is a nurse and passionate writer. She loves to write about healthy food, nutrition and fitness.