Gym and Fitness Club Management: There's Smart Software for That

You run a gym. You're pretty successful, so why would you need gym management software. Well, take a second look at your business. Your personal training clients aren't what they used to be. Some people come in but, when they don't see immediate results, many of them quit. Or, they get into shape and they quit the training (even if they don't quit coming to the gym). What you need is software that does more than the usual stuff. You need software that manages your gym or fitness club.

Management Software Improves Management Of The Company

It seems obvious that software focused on management would improve management of a company, but this is something many small business owners overlook. When you’re running a club, you’re always telling the client the best ways to work out, how to achieve their goals in the most efficient manner - well, this is sort of what management software does for you.

It helps you see your company as an entire or “whole” business instead of just departments or sales figures. Software, similar to the type of stuff ABC Financial club management software, gives you that bird’s eye view of what’s really going on.

Track Employee Performance

Ever wonder what your employees are really doing during the day? Sure, they clock in and they do work, but how much do they work, and what exactly do they accomplish during the day? Club management software can help you track employee performance, set benchmarks, and help you keep tabs on your staff without looking over their shoulder constantly.

It gives you a way to make subtle suggestions for improvement, reassign employees, or terminate them if necessary. All of your decisions can be based on data and statistics instead of heresy around the gym.

Set New Standards and Best Practices

It’s not every day that a new protocol gets established or best practices revised. But, wouldn’t it be nice to have tools that allowed you to constantly work on the efficiency of your company? Club management software can help you not only follow best practices in your industry, it can help you refine and create new ones.

Let’s say you have a new training class you want to offer to gym members. This class focuses on aerobics and weightlifting. You decide to run a test program, and you immediately notice several problems. First, the trainers’ time schedule isn’t synced properly with gym members’ expectations because of the need for additional warmup and cool down periods.

You also notice that some gym members need additional assistance with the weightlifting portion of the class. Finally, the metrics you gather from the class itself show that attendance is dropping off - something needs to be done. So, you go to work to implement a more member-focused training plan, ensuring both compliance on the trainer and members’ part as well as improving safety.

Get A Program That Fits Your True Needs

Not all programs are created equal. You might even find that you don’t need every feature set available in a particular program. When looking for gym membership management programs, choose something that fits with your style of management, the size of your company, and your existing infrastructure.

Most small gyms, for example, can use “off the shelf” suites employing basic features with add-on modules that can be purchased later as needs dictate. Larger clubs may need a custom solution from the get-go.

Jeremy is a veteran gym manager. He enjoys blogging about the ins and outs of running a successful fitness business.