Cover Yourself in Style - Tichels and Tips

Finding the right tichel that matches your eyes and face is important. A tichel is a necessary accessory for Jewish women and can be one that greatly accentuates the positive in a woman’s face. As it is something worn often, having a variety of tichels in different colors and patterns can be a lot of fun. Wearing the same tichel repeatedly becomes monotonous and no one likes monotony when it comes to dress and head coverings.

1.  Tichels for Everyday Use

Since Jewish women use tichels so much, it’s a good idea to find some that aren’t too dressy, but look good for everyday use. Whether you are playing with your kids at the park, or staying at home, you will want to make sure you have enough tichels to change every day or else you could get a bit bored with just using the same one. Whether you like polka dots, floral patterns or stripes, changing your head covering up a bit can be fun and keep you feeling beautiful.

2. Staying Classy in Elegant Tichels

Although polka dots and stripes can be fun for everyday use, they may not work for a formal event. The good news is that tichels for elegant events also exist. Whether you are attending a wedding or some other classy event, wearing a tichel made out of silk, with colors that match your dress, or that has a classy pattern can add a bit of sophistication to your look.

3. Keeping the Tichel On

Anyone who has ever worn a tichel without an anti-slip headband will tell you that it is not the easiest feat. Instead of having to adjust the tichel every few minutes because it keeps slipping, make sure to keep it on with a headband. You can also purchase accessories to brighten and add some flavor to your look. Whether it’s a flowered, patterned or intricately designed clip or lace or gold to add to your headband, accessories can add elegance and beauty to any type of tichel.

4. Tichel Use

Orthodox and Conservative Jewish married women wear the tichel as a sign of modesty. Whether they are wearing elegant apparel with a matching head covering or have dressed casually, many Jewish women will be seen wearing one that adds beauty to their overall dress. It is fun to dress up a bit with different patterns and colors, either by using colors that enhance eye color and shape or by adding accessories or attractive patterns.

Though some people may not like head coverings, Jewish women add diversity and exquisiteness by using tichels while adhering to their religion at the same time. With so many colors, patterns and ways to wear it to choose from, a Jewish woman has a broad range of styles in her wardrobe.