Creating the Perfect Atmosphere for Massages

Anyone who has had a massage before knows how relaxing and refreshing it can be, especially with the right atmosphere.  However, creating the perfect atmosphere for massages can be tricky because there are many factors that you need to take into account. Taking the time and effort to create the perfect massage atmosphere may be difficult, but definitely worthwhile.


The lighting of a room can greatly affect its mood. Usually people shy away from bright fluorescent lights such as those found in hospitals and department stores. Warmer and softer light is much more appropriate for a massage setting than harsher light. Turn the light of a room down by a significant amount when getting a massage. Some people even prefer to get their massages in near darkness. If this is the case, you can use candles to provide a faint glow in the background.


It can be very difficult enjoying a massage in a room with no aroma or even worse, a bad smell. You can brighten the mood by using scented candles or incense. It can also help to create the perfect atmosphere if you carefully choose scents that will heighten the overall massage experience. It has been proven that scents and smells aren’t only used to give off a pleasant aroma but are also associated to many sensory and mental benefits.


Similar to lighting and scent, the sounds in a room should be carefully chosen and regulated. It is very distracting and not at all relaxing when getting a massage in a noisy place or a place with irritating sounds. Your goal is to give a calming and relaxing experience. Choosing soothing sounds is a great way of providing comfort to a room. You can also opt to play soft and mellow music in the background, depending on the preferences of the person about to get the massage.


A massage couch or table is designed specifically for comfort and efficiency, which is why all professional spas use them. If you do not have a massage table or couch, you can always set up a make-shift massage bed. It should be comfortable and with just the right amount of firmness. Some people prefer getting massages on firmer surfaces and some people prefer on softer surfaces. Make sure you also have the right equipment ready such as towels, oil, pillows and slippers.


Last but definitely not least is the temperature of the room. This is a vital aspect to consider in creating the perfect massage atmosphere. Our bodies respond to the different temperatures and in order to best enjoy a massage, the temperature of the room should be just right. It is not pleasant to get a massage in an extremely hot or cold room. The room should be warm enough to feel comfortable in but cold enough to prevent profuse sweating and drowsiness. This goes for the hands of the masseuse as well, which is why professionals often rub their hands together after applying lotion to warm them up.