How Adding Botox To Your Beauty Regimen Can Take Years Off Your Look

In 2002, when Botox was first approved as a cosmetic by the FDA in the United States, it seemed like everybody was talking about the treatment. You may not have heard as much about Botox in the headlines these days, but this isn’t because the treatment has declined in popularity – on the contrary, Botox treatments increase in popularity and frequency with every passing year across North America. Botox has become such an accepted and well-regarded method of negating the effects of aging on the skin that it’s no longer news to most of us – it’s just a way of life. Botox treatments are the most effective and least invasive way to reverse the effects of aging.

Botox is the strategic injection of a protein derived from botulinum toxin into certain areas of the face. What this protein does is cause individual muscles to become “paralyzed”, putting a stop to the contractions that can cause wrinkles and thereby shaving years off of a person's appearance. Not only does Botox provide anyone who uses it with with a smoother, younger ; it does so quickly and with almost no side effects.

Botox injections are so quick that a skilled, trained professional can perform the procedure while someone is on his or her lunch break. Botox treatments leave a small injection wound, but that will be healed within 24 hours. This is much different from more invasive procedures which can take weeks of recovery, and which will leave bruising and other signs for a long period of time.

On the other hand, Botox injections do not last indefinitely. This is beneficial for many people who aren't sure if they'll like the way they look, and they want to try out a smoother, younger appearance on for size. For those who like the way they look, Botox injections are significantly less

While there are some people who prefer to use Botox as a stand-alone beauty solution, it works significantly better as part of a whole beauty regimen. Botox can, and does, reduce the appearance of wrinkles on those who receive regular, professional treatments. But Botox treatments work best when combined with a healthy diet, an effective exercise regimen, and other beauty routines that help enhance the look and health of the skin. Regular exfoliation, for instance, will help someone carry a glow as healthy skin shines through. Botox can be an important part of anyone’s anti-aging skincare routine.