Four Ways Fertility Clinics Give Excellent Care

If you're one of the many women that suffer from infertility, there are options out there to help. One of your options is to visit a fertility clinic, but not all fertility clinics are equal in terms of the care they provide. The best clinics generously give the following four things to their patients.


Fertility clinics are businesses, and the more people they serve, the more money they make. Even so, the desire to rake in profits is no excuse for being in a rush. Ask if the clinic will allow you to stay overnight for certain procedures, such as egg retrieval. Often, staying overnight is not necessary because clinics use advanced techniques, but it is still comforting to know that an overnight stay is an option.

Also feel out the personalities of the doctor, nurses, and other staff members. Do they strike you as being in a hurry? If they’re constantly on the run, they are more likely to make mistakes or, at the very least, rob you of the attention you deserve.


If you have been struggling to conceive for quite some time, your heart will likely be heavily invested in any fertility treatments you receive. You want to go to a clinic where the staff members are sensitive to the emotional aspects of pregnancy, from conception to birth.

While sound medical knowledge is the most important quality for care providers, compassion is also important because it can motivate medical professionals to give you the best care available.


Fertility clinics in the United States report their live birth success rates to the CDC, and they often post these same rates on their websites. Because statistics are one of the main things women consider when they’re trying to choose a fertility clinic, a higher live birth rate equates to more money for clinics.

If a clinic is hesitant to accept you as a patient because of your age, weight, or any medical condition that impacts your chance of giving birth after treatment, it is likely because the clinic doesn’t want its success rate to suffer. The best fertility clinics will strive to help you regardless of the risk to their numbers.


In your quest to become a mother, you want to be as well-informed as possible. This means you should seek out a fertility doctor that is willing to talk to you about all your potential options — not just the most expensive ones. When you meet with a doctor, have a list of questions prepared. The questions can touch on various fertility treatments, the clinic’s history and success rate, and the cost of various procedures. If you sense that the doctor isn’t being upfront with you or is avoiding certain topics, it may be best to look for treatment elsewhere.

Fertility clinics give excellent care, not simply by providing treatment but by generously giving of their time, compassion, acceptance, and communication. To find the right clinic for you, perform plentiful research, ask for referrals from people you trust, and talk to a clinic’s doctor. Hopefully, you’ll soon be glowing with pride as a new mother.