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When you are pregnant, it is common to need to pass urine more often that you would have before. This is due to the pressure of the enlarging womb (uterus) on your bladder. Although urinary frequency is normal, pain on passing urine is not and could indicate a bladder infection (cystitis), which should be treated promptly, especially in pregnancy. If pain is present on passing urine then you must see you doctor at once.

I have a vaginal discharge. Is this normal?

Vaginal secretions increase in pregnancy. This is due to the increase in blood flow in your pelvis. The discharge is normally clear or white in colour. If it is yellow, green or bloodstained, smells offensive or is accompanied by itching, discomfort or ulceration, then you must tell your doctor. A bloodstained discharge may indicate a threatened miscarriage, for instance. An abnormal discharge in pregnancy is most commonly due to a yeast infection called thrush.

Such changes to the skin are normal in pregnancy. They are due to the high oestrogen levels and increased blood flow to the skin. Over 10% of white women will have vascular ' spiders' by the second month of pregnancy and two- thirds will have them by term. They are less common in black women, however, affecting fewer than 15% by term.


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