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For the millions of people around the world who suffers from incontinence, keeping their condition a secret can be difficult. Even though it is actually a common health problem, it still causes a lot of embarrassment for people with incontinence when other people have to know about their situation.

These days, there are already a lot of treatments available to resolve incontinence. The problem is, in most cases, solutions are not instantaneous. Various therapies and medicines can be taken to help with the problem but they often take a while to completely eradicate the problem. So there is still the need to use products that would help keeping this condition discreet and manageable.

All types of people can suffer from incontinence. Both kids and adults can have some form of incontinence caused by so many factors like stress or other types of health problems. While trying to treat this problem, it is always best to use products that are reliable to keep the condition discrete and avoid embarrassment.

One of the most important products used by people who suffer from incontinence are pads. Incontinence pads are high-grade absorbent sheets that are specially used by people suffering this problem. There are a lot of different kinds of pads for various types of people and kind of incontinence they have. Pads are very helpful for instances when you can’t make it to the toilet. If your incontinence “attacks” at night and you can’t get out of bed anymore, wearing pads make sure you don’t wet the bed.

It is important to choose the right type of incontinence pads for you. Apart from the getting a little comfort, it is also best if you know you can rely on the pads to keep you dry and clean when your incontinence “attacks”.  That confidence that you won’t get any leaks from your pads is important especially when you’re trying to keep this problem a secret.

Apart from pads, some stuff you might need to help you out with your incontinence are skin care products, waste disposal systems and surface protection. Skincare products can definitely help you avoid getting any rashes or skin problems. Waste disposal systems help you keep yourself and your place hygienic. Surface protections, on the other hand, helps in keeping your bed and sleeping space dry and clean while you sleep.


Promocon is one of the most reliable brands for different kinds of incontinence products. It is known for the discreet comfort it provides incontinence sufferers. It offers a full range of products that include pads, waste disposal system, skin care, stretch pants, slips, briefs and bed protection just to name a few. All these products have gone through an intense quality check to make sure it can really provide the outmost protection and comfort for anyone.

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