How to apply Eyeliner, Tips on applying permanent liquid eyeliner

Applying Eyeliner

This section of makeup provides you useful tips on how to apply eye liner and latest application tips. No cosmetic is more misunderstood than eyeliner. Everyone has their own special way to apply it, for their own special effect, and they're positively sure that their way is the best. Well, let me tell you that no way is the best way, but some ways sure are better than others! The trick to eyeliner is this: Steady you hand any way necessary!

Oh yes, sister! If your hand is shaking, your eyeliner is going to look like a heart-rate monitor. There are lots of ways to steady your hand- with the palm of your other hand, on a countertop, or a daily strength-training routine to build muscle control. I usually go with one of the first two.

Applying Eyeliner in simple steps - Learn how to apply eye liner?

Tips on choosing eyeliner ( Liquid and permanent Eyeliner). which one to put on?

Formula plays an important role in choosing your eyeliner, but skill-level should be the deciding factor. Here are some common formulas, followed by details on exactly what makes them a good product for who.

  1. Beginners should choose a Self Sharpening Pencil . These look like pencils, but have tips that twist up automatically, so you don't need a sharpener. The advantage is that they're softer than regular pencils and glide on smoother. The disadvantage is the limited range of colors- look for wearable basics like black, brown and grey.
  2. Intermediate users will probably want a Pencil . Pencils come in the widest variety of colors, but require constant sharpening. Some pencils tend to be hard or waxy- the trick is to rub the tip between your fingers before you apply. This warms up the color and helps it go on easily. You don't want a super-sharp tip (it's a safety hazard!), rather a soft point will hide any imperfections in the drawn line and be easier to blend later.
  3. Advanced makeup divas may want to experiment with Liquid Liners , for a sleek, smooth look. They require the steadiest hand, since they're usually dark colors and can get caught on eyelid skin easily. The most difficult kind has a narrow brush applicator, while felt-tip "pens" can help ease you into the world of liquid colors.

I recommend applying eyeliner just to the top lid. Get up close and personal with your mirror, liner in hand. Tilt your head back slightly and draw a line as close to your lashes as possible. Start with a thin line, and add more liner as necessary. Generally, the best line is very thin near the inside corner of your eye, and thickens near the outer third. If you want to line below your eyes, I suggest dotting the shadow between your lashes, then smudging with a sponge or eyeliner brush in a side-to-side motion. To add extra emphasis, line the inside rim of your upper eye. Tilt your head and lift the eyelid away from your eye. Using a pencil, color the outer half of the inside rim. This is totally safe, as long as you use your eyeliner only in your immediate eye area!

Super Eyeliner Trick! Here's an awesome eyeliner tip! Try dampening a sharp eyeshadow sponge, then dipping it in your favorite eyeshadow. Apply it like an eyeliner to your upper eyelid and voila- instantly sexy, smudged, definition along your lashline! For a monochromatic look, apply the same eyeshadow with a brush first, then use this trick. Very modern!

There are lots of fun things to do with eyeliner- think back to the days of the Egyptians for inspiration! Throughout history eyeliner has kept coming back in style- from the mod looks of the 60s to the vibrant colors seen on recent spring runways. Have fun experimenting!

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