Lamb dishes: a meat for every style and occasion

Lamb is an incredibly versatile meat. It’s full of protein and features truly delicious and distinctive flavours. What’s more, tastes can vary from region to region in the UK with sweet, rich flavours and soft textures coming from lamb in southern pastures and herby flavours with more fibrous textures coming from hill sheep in the north.

Many cultures and cuisines have embraced this fantastic meat which means there are plentiful lamb recipes from all over the world you can try. Moroccan style lamb dishes slow-cooked in a tagine offer a truly mouthwatering texture, while Turkish-style lamb is marinated with spices like cumin and chilli and cooked in red wine, often served with flat bread. Indian chefs often encrust a rack of lamb with an aromatic blend of fragrant spices, while European kitchens conjure up dishes like lamb carpaccio and shallot mousse.

For a taste of the more traditional, shepherd’s pie is a longtime favourite and features minced lamb topped with creamy mashed potatoes. Roasting lamb is also popular as this meat pairs especially well with strong herbs and spices and sweet tastes like mint jelly. A roast leg of lamb prepared with seasonal vegetables is a relatively simple recipe that is sure to please everyone around your table.

One of the easiest and most delicious ways to prepare lamb is the kebab. This kebab recipe is great if you’re cooking for loads of friends, a nice dinner party or a casual barbecue, as they can be grilled, chargrilled or barbecued depending on your preference and culinary resources.

There are countless lamb recipes online that range in both skill level and prep time, ensuring that there’s a lamb dish for everyone. Although lamb is not one of the cheaper meats, don’t forget to get creative with your leftovers as this can make a joint of lamb go much further. Carved roast lamb can be used for stews and chunky soups and makes for a surprisingly economical use of this flavoursome meat.