How to transplant your eyebrows - Best tips on eyebrow and eyelash transplant surgery

Hair transplantation has been used successfully for many years to fill out patchy or partial eyebrows, to restore absent eyebrows, and even camouflage scars within the eyebrow area. Eyelash transplant surgery is a cosmetic, elective procedure that is performed to add eyelashes to the upper eyelid. A hair transplantation can correct eyebrows that are too thin or nonexistent, those that have been damaged by a previous trauma to the face, as well brows that have been affected by other cosmetic defects.

How the method of hair Transplant Works?

The delicate hair from the head is used for eyebrow transplants, and once relocated, the hair usually grows in more quickly than regular hair. To perform eyelash transplantation, the surgeon obtains a graft of hair from the nape of the neck. The graft is divided into single-hair grafts, and any excess fat, dermis, and epidermis are trimmed in order to make each graft very fine. After anesthetizing the eyelid and protecting the cornea with an eyeshield, the surgeon uses a very fine transplanting needle to implant about 50 - 60 hairs into the eyelids. Each hair is implanted one at a time. The procedure takes about an hour. After transplantation, the new lashes grow longer than natural lashes and therefore must be trimmed regularly.

Eyebrow hair loss can occur for several reasons, and is most commonly associated with the following:

Outcomes of Eyebrow and Eyelash Transplant Surgeries

Both eyelash and eyebrow transplant surgeries yield very positive results, with patients experiencing few complications. Bleeding is minimal, there is no visible scarring or tufting, and overall the results appear quite natural.

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