Eyebrow Shaping Tips, Best Tip for Shaping the Eyebrow

Discovering the best shape for your eyebrows without sacrificing their natural appearance is what you want to accomplish when shaping your brows.

Best Eyebrow Shaping Tips

Some of the useful tips of Shaping your eyebrows are as follows:

Eyebrow shape for Close-set eyes - Close-set eyes on an individual's face can be made to look apart by widening the centre distance of the eyebrows and increasing length at the ends.

Eyebrow shape for Wide-set eyes - Wide-set eyes can be made to appear closer by shaping the eyebrow lines slightly from the inner corner of the eyes. You should study the characteristics of your face and determine the most suitable shape for the eyebrows.

Some other Tips on Eyebrow shaping

1. Eyebrows should be shaped to suit your face. If you've overplucked your eyebrows you can color them in with a soft coloured-eyeshadow while they're growing back in. Use a brush with firm, short hair. That will create a softer, more natural but precise look.

2. Fill in brows - Begin application in the center of the brow and work outward toward the brow tip then back toward the beginning of the brow. Use short, light strokes between the brow hairs, and apply a bit more pressure (for stronger color) when defining the underside of the brow.

3. Eyebrow pencils are a standard way to fill in brows but many can produce a greasy, hard look or mat the brow hair, so make sure you use a pencil that has a smooth, light texture and soft, dry finish.

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