Eyebrow Shaper - How to shape eyebrow

Many products are available in the market for eyebrow shaper.

Eyebrow Trimmer ES112P - It is an eyebrow shaper which painlessly trims eyebrows faster than conventional methods. It's Hypoallergenic Blade System is gentle to the skin and may be used to trim stray hairs around eyebrow.

Eyebrow Shaper Tips

An eyebrow's ideal shape greatly depends on the shape of the eye. In other words, the eyebrow should be shaped to suit the eye's shape. Here are a few easy guidelines. Inward-slanting eyes - Lower the eyebrow arch and eyebrow tip to give the eyebrow a falling appearance, Downward-slanting eyes - Raise the eyebrow arch and eyebrow tip to give the eyebrow a rising appearance. Average eyes - The base and tip of the eyebrow should be roughly level to give the eyebrow a level appearance.

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