Eyebrow Piercing Tips - How to pierce your eyebrow ?

One of the most modern body piercings is the eyebrow piercing. Reminiscent of the late 20th-century British punk scene, eyebrow piercings have now entered mainstream culture. Eyebrow piercings can take 9 to 12 weeks to heal: consider the impact that healing this piercing will have on the next three months of your life.

How to Get an Eyebrow Piercing done

1.  Choose a piercer that is licensed or has apprenticed for many years. Confirm that he or she works with sterilized equipment and disposable hollow needles and wears new latex gloves for each client, offers only piercing quality jewelry and is accessible post-treatment should you have any questions or concerns.
2.  Wear a button-down shirt to your appointment. This way you won't be obligated to pull a shirt over your head - and your new jewelry - when you're ready to change.
3.  Bring clips and, if necessary, a ponytail holder to keep hair away from your eyes. Until your piercing heals, you'll want to keep your hair off your face, as it may get caught or tangled in the ring or stud.
4.  Close your eyes when the procedure begins. Trying to watch may cause you to tense up or jerk at the sight of the needle. Take long deep breaths to keep calm as the steady hand of your piercer slips the needle in, followed by your new jewelry.
5.  Take the aftercare advice of your piercer very seriously. It takes about six weeks to two months for an eyebrow piercing to heal, and in the meantime, it's very susceptible to infection.

Tips on Eyebrow piercings

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