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Of course, the opposite may be true when speaking of makeup: One may have bad eyes but see everything when looking in a magnifying mirror! So lesson number one when it comes to eye makeup is: Never look in a magnifying mirror! Unless you spend 24 hours a day with other people an inch from your face, nobody will be examining the length of each of your eyelashes except you! Okay, so there are four things you're going to want to use in the general eye area- eyeshadow, eye liner, mascara and eyebrow pencil. Each has a different purpose, a different formula, and comes in different colors. However, there are occasions when they are interchangeable, and we'll discuss that later! The first thing we should do is establish which order you'll be putting these products on in:

Applying Foundation: Learn the basic tricks of how to apply foundation smoothly!

Eyeshadow: Firstly apply a light shadow over the entire lid up to the eyebrow and then follow with a darker shade over the moving part of the lid. In general, lighter shades make yours eyes larger, darker shades, smaller. Mind not to go to light or you will end up with "racoon" eyes.

Eyeliner: A line of kajal eyeliner drawn above the lashes makes them appear thicker and helps model the eye. An eyeliner line on the inside of the lid can also add an interesting affect. A lighter line drawn on the inside edge of the eye will lend a radiant effect to your eyes, or a colour the same shade as your eyes will intensify their natural colour.

Mascara and Eye Lashes: Finally, define your lashes with several light layers of mascara , applied outwards and upwards. Lashes will clump if you put on too much mascara at once. Several lighter layers will give the impression of length and volume, so give each coat a chance to dry before applying the next.

Applying Lipstick: Make your lips kissable.

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If you are trying to cover acne or acne related marks we recommend that you try the Clear Skin range from a good brand of cosmetics and skin care products, as this line offers a Blemish Stick and Concealer that contain an antibacterial ingredient to combat and treat the skins underlying problem.

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