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Dry Skin Care

Dry skin tends to be thinner and more susceptible to rashes especially from harsh cleansers. It's important to find a cleanser that removes dirt and make-up thoroughly. Don't use soap on your face: many soaps, especially antibacterial or deodorant soaps, can chap dry skin, leaving it vulnerable to reactions caused by make-up or other skin care products. Your eyelids are particularly vulnerable, especially if your skin is sensitive as well as dry. Opt for a gel or liquid face wash and cleansing milk instead of soap. As mentioned before, in India , the harsh sun, with its increased intensity of the UV as well as infrared rays, and the alarming levels of pollution dry the skin much more. Even teenagers with acne, who basically have oily skin, often complain of superficially dry skin especially in winter not only in the non-oily areas, but even in the T-zone area which is loaded with oil glands. If dry skin leads the list of your beauty woes, take heart, your complexion may not be as dry as you think.

You probably have dry skin if your skin shows signs of

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While that tight, parched feeling can be due to the elements, remember dry skin may also be caused by a cleanser that's too harsh, a moisturizer that's not rich enough for your skin's needs or rough treatment, like over-scrubbing with a grainy facial cleanser. But relief is possible; an extra-gentle cleansing routine teamed with the right moisturizer can help make even the thirstiest, most parched skin lovelier and more supple.

If you are the sort who loves long baths and you have dry skin, resist. The long, leisurely bath that relaxes you could dry out your skin completely. Avoid soap and use a body wash. Dermatologists often recommend body bars. If you are a soap-addict, choose soaps that are mild and moisturizing; preferably use super fatted moisturizing bars which have added emollients. Avoid soaps with deodorants, which can be harsh. If you're concerned about body odour though, use a deodorant soap in strategic sweat spots on your body, e.g., underarms, groin, etc. Better still, use a separate deodorant after your bath. Avoid loofah's. If you must use them, then do so very gently. If you scrub too hard you may damage your skin leading to pigmentation.

Pat on a rich moisturizer immediately after your bath to lock in the moisture. Choose a cold cream to suit your taste. To hydrate mildly dry skin, try a light m6isturizer meant for normal skin. These light moisturizers penetrate the skin easily and don't leave a sticky, greasy feeling behind. Use a heavier product if your skin is moderately dry. Seriously dry skin requires an extremely heavy emollient like petroleum jelly or an oil, like olive oil.

If you're like many women with dry skin, you may be moisturizing morning, noon and night in the hope of staving off further dryness. But this strategy can back fire. Moisturizing too often can trigger rashes or breakouts. So unless your skin is extremely dry, moisturizing once a day, either under make-up or at night after cleansing, may be enough. Even if you prefer to moisturize more often, it's a good idea to use the lightest product that relieves the dryness.

When cleansing dry skin, remember:

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